Not Throwing in the Towel

Not Throwing in the Towel  is just one story about being a gay couple in America, there are many. It is not important that we know about them all, but it is important that we know about some, intimately as representative, so we can put energy into a greater understanding of those whose equal rights and social standing have been challenged.  Changing cultural mores can often be as simple as just walking in someone else’s shoes for a minute. That, in large part, is what this film is about. When we see how someone else lives, it changes us.

There is an urgency now, more than ever before, to understand the truth about systemic inequalities, and though the truth makes some people uncomfortable holding back seriously threatens a free society.

For Ginny and Debbie, what is most important to them is that they are together, what isn't important to them is that they are two women. The essence of their truth is bold, grassroots and palpable. Ginny and Debbie make understanding love and commitment easy. And they let an audience know that who they are has both nothing to do with and everything to do with being gay.

We are a small all female production.


”You don’t have to do something heroic, just do something, to join with millions of others who will just do something, because all of those somethings, at certain points in history, come together, and make the world better.” Howard Zinn