Clock Out

Starring Bill Oberst, Jr., Emily Kaiho, Bethany Anderson, Joshua Mark Robinson & Christopher Bower
Directed by Brad Hodge
Written by Michael Martin

Clock Out is a fast paced thriller that centers around Toby Baker, a recovering drug addict who is always on the lookout for easy money. When an opportunity for some extra dough presents itself, Toby isn’t above getting his hands dirty. When the night quickly turns sour, Toby must out run the ticking clock in order to survive.

Clock Out stars Emmy Award Winner Bill Oberst Jr., Emily Kaiho, Bethany Anderson and local actors Joshua Mark Robinson and Christopher Bower. Clock Out was filmed on location in Venice Beach, CA and Paducah, KY by locally based LA native Brad Hodge, and utilized many local locations, cast, and crew.


2013 • 1 hour 26 minutes